Anna Roberts - NUDGE Founder and Managing Director

Anna Roberts – NUDGE Founder and Managing Director

Nudge brings together traditional broadcasting methods to digital platforms to enhance your career, expose you to a wider audience and give you the tools to tell your story. Based around the principals created by its founder, Anna Roberts, Nudge values authenticity, empowerment and a platform of shared knowledge; because when you know better, you do better.

A trained communications specialist herself, Anna left a career in broadcasting to establish Nudge in 2015 and has since worked with the likes of the BBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Lorna Jane Activewear and has had clients present to royalty and industry leaders both here and abroad. In 2017 she launched the Nudge Academy, an online training portal to enable anyone, anywhere to learn from her specific industry knowledge and apply it to their lives.

Anna is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Middle East, was a finalist for Ultimate Entrepreneur in the 2016 Cosmopolitan ME Awards and was recognized as one of the Top 50 Woman in the GCC by the World Brand Congress in 2016.

Anna has lived in the UAE for 22 years and has spoken and contributed to leading events and publications across the region. With a focus on empowering women in business she has also created an original video series catering for ambitious, career focused women at www.imannaroberts.com